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Video Projections/ L.E.D. Screens/Video Mapping

Port City Media Productions provides large screen projection and LED screen systems for events. From smaller events that need to set up a screen so their overflow crowd can see the action from another room, to larger events such as music festivals, concerts, dance recitals, Mardi Gras balls. We also have experience providing large screen video systems for very large events, such as the bowl, where we provided the L.E.D. jumbotron used beside the field for the 2013 and 2014 games. We can display any imagery you like on the screen, be it a live video feed from one or more cameras or sponsor ads to help pay for your event. We offer multiple screens of different types to suit your needs. L.E.D. video walls, HD rear projection screens, even LED TV rentals for smaller events. 


We also offer video projection mapping for dazzling effects that enable you to bring your stage to life with projections. Below is an example of our video projection mapping effects being used for the band EOTO.




 For more information, please call 251-865-7341 or e-mail